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I make a variety of necklaces in different styles and mediums.  I enjoy working with different colours, so I do a lot of work with seed beads, which come in a huge variety of colours and which can be used to make intricate and multi-coloured designs.  I also love the elegance of pearls, so you'll see glass pearls and freshwater pearls crop up in my work a lot.

Click on the images to enlarge and to see information about specific materials.

You can look for these pieces in my online Etsy shop, or check my pricing page and contact me for more information.

Nebula Statement Necklace
Treasures of the Deep
Heart of the Sea
Copper Donut with Beaded Chain
Multistrand set
Pacific Tides 8
Hematite and gunmetal 3
Harlequin pearls
Autumnal Coral
Mother of Pearl Moon 12
Forget-me-not with leaf fringe
wysteria 1
sRainbow Daisies 8
Asymmetrical gold
Autumnal Coral
Dark gold and cream
Triple Strand Harlequin
Ombre triple strand
Sea glass on braided chain
Dark Romance necklace
Icy blue pearl necklace
Rose Quartz S1
Copper donut wrap
Frost-tipped evergreen coral
Seashell Necklace
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