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Direct Retail Prices:

In Canadian dollars, here are some price ranges for items I sell directly through markets or my online Etsy shop.  If you have any further questions about pricing and availability, please contact me.

  • Sea Glass Pendants $20+

  • Donut wrap pendants $30+

  • Glass pearl and seed bead necklaces $39+

  • Glass pearl and seed bead bracelets $20+

  • Beaded bangle bracelets $12+

  • Earrings $20+

  • Unique or Signature Pieces $50-$600 (best to contact me if curious about these)

Wholesale Purchasers and Retailers:

Please contact me for details. 


To keep my pricing consistent, the items available for locations that sell by commission will vary based on the commission rate.


Wholesale prices can be negotiated depending on type of item and size of order.

Individual Commissions:

Please contact me for details.  If you wish to commission something very similar to one of the pieces in my gallery, the price will be similar.  If you want me to make a replacement for a piece that has sold, the price will be the same, if it is a piece I am able to duplicate.  If you want something unique, prices will be dependent upon materials and time spent designing and creating the piece.  I will require a 50% down payment to book the commission, to cover the cost of materials.

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