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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is sea glass?

    • Sea glass is a wonderful material that is both man-made and natural.  It starts out as glass objects such as wine or soda bottles which have been discarded into the ocean and broken.  Then, over a period of several years (some sources say 5-15), the glass becomes smoothed, rounded, and frosted through wave action tumbling it in the sand and through chemical changes from prolonged exposure to seawater.  This means that each piece is completely unique.  I love working with it for that reason, and because I am able to upcycle something that was once littered trash into beautiful treasures.

  • Where does your sea glass come from?

    • I gather it myself, from local beaches on southern Vancouver Island.  So not only do I get to enjoy making beautiful jewellery, but I have the pleasure of knowing I helped clean up local beaches.

  • Do you do anything to process the glass?

    • No, my sea glass is the "natural" kind described above, not the processed kind.  Although cultured sea glass does exist, I do not use it.  I gather mine personally from beaches on Vancouver Island.

  • What kind of wire do you use?

    • I typically use non-tarnish artistic wire made from copper, brass, or silver-plated copper.  I have worked with sterling silver wire on occasion and am happy to do so again for commissions, but working with the silver-plated copper wire helps keep my standard prices down.

  • What other materials do you use?

    • Other than wire and hand-collected sea glass, my most commonly-used materials are seed beads and glass pearls.  I also make use of a variety of charms, Swarovski crystals, and genuine freshwater pearls.  I sometimes base pendants on stone donuts.  I often don't know what type of stone they are, exactly, as my suppliers don't always say.  The thread I use when beading is a strong nylon beading thread.

  • Do you do commissions?

    • I love doing commissions!  Working with creative people is one of my favourite things.  You can see some of the commissions I have done in the past on this page.  And you can contact me if you'd like to design something with me.

  • How much does X piece in your gallery cost?

    • Your best bet is to contact me if you're interested in a specific piece.  Some general info is available on my prices page.  The pictures in my gallery are meant to represent a sample of my work, and may be pieces I have already sold, or may be currently for sale at one of my venues.  But please do get in touch, and if that piece is no longer available, maybe I can make you something similar.

  • Do you wholesale?

    • I have done a small amount of wholesaling in the past and would be pleased to do more.  If you would like information on my available inventory and wholesale pricing, please contact me.

  • Where do you currently sell your work?

    • For now, I mostly sell online through my Etsy shop.  Before Covid-19, my main venue was the Coast Collective in Colwood, BC, near Victoria, BC.  I also do various shows, particularly around Christmas time (but not this year).  I post about those on my instagram and my facebook.

  • Can I buy a particular piece online?

    • If that piece has not already sold, then absolutely!  Please contact me, and I will set up the sale for you through my Etsy shop if the piece is not already listed.

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