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Here's a selection of some of the pendants I've made.  They tend to be in one of two categories: donut wraps and sea glass pendants. Typical materials include sea glass, stone, wire, freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystal, and glass beads.


Click on the images to enlarge, and to see information about the specific materials in each piece.

You can look for these pieces in my online Etsy shop, or check my pricing page and contact me for more information.

Copper on white with glass
bottle green
Copper Donut Wrap with Pink
bound "tooth"
Gunmetal Asymmetrical
Pop of Pink
copper with pearl dangle
Pop of Blue
Silver Star(fish)
bottle brown
pendant with Swarovski
Gunmetal Brass and Blue
Copper Donut Wrap with Chain
Icy Blue
Donut wrap
Sea glass "globe"
golden cage sea glass
Sea glass with freshwater pearl
"Leaf" sea glass pendant
Asymmetrical donut wrap
"Shark tooth" sea glass pendant
Sea glass pendant with dolphin
brass ripples with pink pearl
silver freeform with textured small starfish
gold freeform with fish outline charm
silver freeform with fish outline on brown
reversible pendant
brass cage with large starfish
simple elegance
silver on white large double wiggles
golden double scroll freeform on white
silver vertical wobbles with large starfish
brass on deep green
silver double scroll and zig zag
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