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Bracelets are a delightful way to play with colour combinations.  I make a lot of bracelets with seed beads, bugle beads, and glass pearls, using strong nylon beading thread that is still fine enough not to show in the finished product.  I tend to prefer lobster claw clasps because they're easy to put on one-handed, and also because that way I can add chains to make the length adjustable.

Click the images to enlarge and to see info about specific materials.

You can look for these pieces in my online Etsy shop, or check my pricing page and contact me for more information.

Lace Cuff
White and navy glass pearl
Beaded bangles "Tropical" combo
Bridal pearls bracelet.
Celestial charm bracelet
Gold and white pearl bracelets
Golden Harlequin pearl bracelet
Pink and white pearl bracelet
Spring violets pearl bracelet
Daisy chain bracelets
Icy blue pearl bracelet
Harlequin pearls bracelet
Opaque Harlequin bracelet
Beaded Bangles
Mardi Gras pearl bracelets
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